Jonathon Jamil | De Wallen Exhibition

Through the use of abstraction, vibrant colors, and perversification of the human body, Jonathon Jamil is able to express the depths of the human emotions and human experience through his lens. In his exhibition, De Wallen, he highlights the complexities and nuances that the human body has to flow with when dealing with the normal ups and downs of life. This Houston-raised artist uses his art to start uncomfortable conversations, and he offers his viewers the chance to push those conversations forward as they connect with their community. Rooted in surrealism, his consistent theme is best highlighted in his work, Product of Society, which is a paper mache person made out of images that represent the never-ending, uncomfortable choices we all have to make daily. This piece brings the issues of capitalism to the forefront of the human psyche, and challenges the viewers to connect with their humanistic side.

The free exhibition opened from November 26, 2022, and was open for viewing for weeks after. The opening night was sponsored by Crown Royal, and guests were able to enjoy their free beverages while viewing the art, purchasing the art, and interacting with Jamil. This fun community event allowed people to understand Jamil, and take a trip into the world of De Wallen. You can view photos of the exhibition on our social media.

For questions on how to purchase art or view the gallery please contact us at 713-485-5652.