When supporting us, you're investing into the creative ecosystem of Houston.

See A Need - Meet A Need

The See A Need - Meet A Need (“SANMAN”) name originated in the early 2000’s as a mentoring program designed for urban youth.  The program was created by Martin Rogers with a specific focus on providing positive male leadership for single parent households attending his church in Southwest Houston.  Fast forward 20+ years, the SANMAN name is now instrumental in the vibrant and growing Houston creative community.

Our mission

To provide creatives individuals regardless of their age, race, or socioeconomic background the space, tools, mentorship, and platform needed to develop their craft and introduce their talent to the community.

Our goals

Providing consistent space to display artist creations, host intimate exhibitions, and curate innovate engagement for the local creative community.

Foundation Overview
  • EnGage The Local Community

    Filling the gap created by reduced or lack of funding in art programming by introducing art to underserved communities.

  • Create Opportunities

    Establishing a launching pad for the diversity of Houston based creatives.

  • Provide Creative Space

    Providing consistent space to display artist creations and curate innovative engagement for the local community.