The Sanman Collective

Starting in 2018 Sanman was founded on the principle “see a need, meet a need” with a specific commitment to nurturing the young artistic talent in Houston. The Sanman Collective is SANMAN’s latest endeavor, focused specifically on supporting burgeoning visual arts talent in Houston. The fine arts world can be very restrictive, often stifling many artists early in their careers with educational and class barriers.

Our goal with this initiative is to provide dedicated and talented young artists the space and tools needed to produce and promote their work. It encompasses a residency in which the residents receive a communal studio space where they can create in tandem with one another. Additionally, they have the opportunity to showcase their work in both a solo and group show.

For information about applying to the residency. Please contact

Jonathan Jamill

20 Year Old Artist from Houston,TX

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Remember Charles

Surrealist Artist from San Antonio, TX

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Surrealist from New York

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Josh Allen

Abstract Expressionist from Houston, TX.

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