Sanman Launches Artist Residency Program "The Sanman Collective"

About "The Collective"

The  Sanman Collective is an artist residency program managed by See A Need. Meet A Need. which launched in November 2021. Artists receive communal space and supplies for a period of 12-18 months. Collaboration is a core feature of the program because artists are able to work together and create in tandem within a shared space. Each artist will have support in putting on a solo and group show. During the program, the artists receive professional development and mentorship from esteemed artists in the region. The  Sanman Collective group show will showcase all 5 of the inaugural resident artists (Jonathon Jamilll, Remember Charles, Cozy, Josh Allen, Ghandiii). Our “group show” will be an art exhibit that features solo works and collaborative pieces by our artists in residence. The concept of the show is to give voice to untraditional artists who haven’t taken the academia route an opportunity to enter the art market with knowledge and be successful. Our artists work in different mediums and genres, stretching from mixed collage to abstraction to fashion design. The synergy created within our communal space we are going to replicate for local patrons to experience and behold.  For example, two of the artists work within abstraction, however one works in oil and pastels with fine lines and shading, the other artist uses house paint and his fingertips to communicate ideas. These two collaborated to create “Surgeon (War)-ning” (see work samples) The collaborative pieces featured within our exhibit makes this a unique and unforgettable experience for Houston audiences and beyond. Within the space, you will be able to enter into the worlds of each artist and also experience where the worlds collide.This is innovative because it forces artists who have historically been considered “street artists” or “underground artists” the opportunity to have a gallery quality exhibition.