Drawing inspiration from Bill Traylor and Kara Walker, Charles, more known by his moniker REMEMBERCHARLES, creates art that takes viewers into his world and uplifts the Black experience in a very unique way. His exhibition, RMBR, held at Sanman Studios allowed viewers an closeup understanding of the San Antonio born artist who prides himself on creating art that shows his true experiences. Combining skillful strokes, sometimes rough edges, and his signature charcoal base, each piece takes you into a new reality that feels simultaneously homely and brand new. This is best highlighted in his piece, Dorsey, which was inspired by a picture of a friend's close relative Charles saw. This piece brings to life the nostalgia everyone gets looking at old pictures while still giving us the unique gaze and experience of the ever-so talented Remember Charles.

During the opening of the show, January 14, 2022, viewers were able to look at the art and individually discuss the inspirations with the artists. This was a fun and interactive community experience that was free to the public. Guests were allowed to purchase art at the opening as well. The 36 piece art exhibit will be featured at Sanman Studios until February 18, 2023, and viewers are welcome to come view the art collection during gallery hours.

For questions on how to purchase art or view our gallery please contact us at 713-485-5652.